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> Followup --- something weird is going on.  I am seeing _random_ failures
> of the regression tests here in that same place, and the build farm
> seems to fail in the same place, but with different row counts.

This failure is pretty interesting:

--- 724,730 ----
     date_part( 'isoyear', d1) AS isoyear, date_part( 'week', d1) AS week,
     date_part( 'dow', d1) AS dow
     FROM TIMESTAMP_TBL WHERE d1 BETWEEN '1902-01-01' AND '2038-01-01';
! ERROR:  relation "timestamp_tbl" does not exist
  -- TO_CHAR()
  SELECT '' AS to_char_1, to_char(d1, 'DAY Day day DY Dy dy MONTH Month month 
RM MON Mon mon') 

How can the table fail to exist, and yet not report a problem when it
was created?

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