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> On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 11:50, Tom Lane wrote:
>> "FAST PostgreSQL" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> The second variable is of interest. We need to specify a table in the
>>> insert command. My preferred option is for the user to give one and he
>>> can create it if and when he wants to. The alternative is we decide the
>>> table name and make initdb to create one.
>> Why not output the data in COPY format instead?  That (a) eliminates the
>> problem of needing to predetermine a destination table name, and (b)
>> should be considerably faster to load than thousands of INSERT statements.
> Yeah, that was my initial idea too... But because the TODO item clearly 
> mentions INSERT, I thought maybe there was some very specific reason for the 
> output to be in INSERT stmts.. ..

COPY would be a good option, but INSERT is probably what I would use as
the default. The most use I see for this is something where I am tailing
out the log and inserting live into a log db...


Joshua D. Drake

> Rgds,
> Arul Shaji
>>                      regards, tom lane
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