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Gregory Stark wrote:
> "Simon Riggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 10:49 +0000, Gregory Stark wrote:
> > > The two open issues (which are arguably the same issue) is how to get
> > > the information down to the sort node and how to cost the plan.
> > > Currently it's a bit of a hack: the Limit node peeks at its child and
> > > if it's a sort it calls a special function to provide the limit.
> > 
> > We can't lose the LIMIT node altogether, in case we have a paramterised
> > limit or a limit expression, so it does need to be in the executor.
> Right. The LIMIT node also implements offset and handles tricky border cases
> such as cursors that move past the edges. It would be pointless to duplicate
> the logic in tuplesort.c. The idea is to advise tuplesort.c when it can save
> work by not sorting more work than necessary, not duplicate the work of Limit.
> > Exploiting knowledge about adjacent plan types is already used in the
> > executor. If this seemed like it might be a generic trick, then I'd say
> > implement a generic function, but I don't see that it is.
> > 
> > We still want to push LIMIT/Sort down through an APPEND, but this won't
> > help us here - we'd need to do that in the planner.
> Hm, that's exactly the type of situation I was afraid of needing to have the
> information to propagate farther than an immediate child node and with more
> sophisticated rules. However as you point out that can be handled by doing
> optimizations that modify the plan tree. That keeps the scope of the
> optimization to a minimum: sort nodes directly under limit nodes. That's
> probably a better approach.
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