Tom Lane wrote:
> Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Do people prefer receiving attachments or downloadable links? 
>> Does the answer change if the patches are quite large?
> Links suck from an archival standpoint; but at the same time you need
> to pay some attention to the size of your email.  I think the current
> threshold for moderator approval is somewhere between 50K and 100K
> (on patches; less on our other lists).  gzipping large patches is
> encouraged --- if people's mail readers need help in viewing such
> an attachment, that's not your problem.

IIRC, when a patch gets held back, you get a notification. The problem
has been with mails that are silently dropped. AFAIK, that has happened
outside of mailman, somewhere else in the mail system. For example, we
used to drop anything that was a .tar (including .tar.gz), and last I
checked we still do that. But admittedly that was some time ago, but
I've seen no statement that it has been fixed.

(plain gzip usually worked fine, but .tar.gz to include a couple of new
files got silently dropped. For example, I tried sending my vcbuild
patches at least 4 times before I realized they were silently dropped)

So I'd avoid anything other than plaintext or plaintext.gz.


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