Gregory Stark wrote:
> >> Did Greg push a version which didn't carry the "WIP" label to it?  As
> >> far as I remember he was still asking how to make the Sort and Limit
> >> nodes communicate.
> >
> > Good question.  I asked for a new version of this patch and the WIP was
> > only in the email subject line. Greg, is this ready for review?
> Well my question was whether it was acceptable to do things this way or
> whether there was a better way. If it's the right way then sure, if not then
> no. I guess that's what review is for.
> In short I'm not sure what constitutes "ready for review". Are you asking if
> it's ready to apply? I don't know, that's why we have reviews. Or are you
> asking if it's ready for someone to look at? What's the point of posting WIP
> patches if you don't want someone to look at it?

I am asking if _you_ are done working on it.  Seems you are, so I will
add it to the patch queue.

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