>> Did Greg push a version which didn't carry the "WIP" label to it?  As
>> far as I remember he was still asking how to make the Sort and Limit
>> nodes communicate.
> Good question.  I asked for a new version of this patch and the WIP was
> only in the email subject line. Greg, is this ready for review?
Well my question was whether it was acceptable to do things this way or
whether there was a better way. If it's the right way then sure, if not then
no. I guess that's what review is for.
In short I'm not sure what constitutes "ready for review". Are you asking if
it's ready to apply? I don't know, that's why we have reviews. Or are you
asking if it's ready for someone to look at? What's the point of posting WIP
patches if you don't want someone to look at it?
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