I got a chance to review this patch over the weekend. Basic API seems good, met all my requirements, no surprises with how the GUC variable controlled the feature.

The most fundamental issue I have with the interface is that using COPY makes it difficult to put any unique index on the resulting table. I like to have a unique index on my imported log table because it rejects the dupe records if you accidentally import the same section of log file twice. COPY tosses the whole thing if there's an index violation, which is a problem during a regular import because you will occasionally come across lines with the same timestamp that are similar in every way except for their statment; putting an index on the timestamp+statement seems impractical.

I've had a preference for INSERT from the beginning here that this reinforces. I'm planning to just work around this issue by doing the COPY into a temporary table and then INSERTing from there. I didn't want to just let the concern pass by without mentioning it though. It crosses my mind that inserting some sort of unique log file line ID number would prevent the dupe issue and make for better ordering (it's possible to have two lines with the same timestamp show up in the wrong order now), not sure that's a practical idea to consider.

The basic coding of the patch seemed OK to me, but someone who is much more familiar than myself with the mechanics of pipes should take a look at that part of the patch before committing; it's complicated code and I can't comment on it. There are some small formatting issues that need to be fixed, particularly in the host+port mapping. I can fix those myself and submit a slightly updated patch. There's some documentation improvements I want to make before this goes in as well.

The patch is actually broken fairly hard right now because of the switch from INSERT to COPY FROM CSV as the output format at the last minute. It outputs missing fields as NULL (fine for INSERT) that chokes the CSV import when the session_start timestamp is missing. All of those NULL values need to be just replaced with nothing for proper CSV syntax; there should just the comma for the next field. I worked around this with

copy pglog from '/opt/pgsql/testlog.csv' with CSV null as 'NULL';

I can fix that too when I'm revising. I plan to have a version free of obvious bugs to re-submit ready by next weekend.

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