On Fri, 1 Jun 2007, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Greg Smith wrote:
Since the rotation size feature causes other issues anyway that make importing more complicated, documenting the issue seemed sufficient.

What are the other issues? I'm not happy about producing files with split lines.

Just that it's fairly simple and predictable to know what your log files are going to be named and when they'll rollover if you use something like a date-based naming convention--but when you add size-based rotation into the mix figuring out what files you need to import and when you should import them gets more complicated.

Clearly fixing this issue altogether would be better, and I gather the problem may extend to any time there is a switch to a new log file; my "workaround" doesn't appear good enough anyway. I'm very glad I caught and mentioned this now.

Because of the extra naming/import complexity, it still might be worthwhile to suggest people not combine size-based rotation and the csvlog though.

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