Greg Smith wrote:
The attached patch fixes all the issues I found in the original version of this code and completes the review I wanted to do. Someone else will need to take this from here. As I already mentioned, I can't comment on the quality of the piping implementation used to add this feature other than to say it worked for me.

I'll take it from here.

-Added a new documentation section to the logging chapter devoted just to the csvlog feature. It gives a sample table and import syntax. I also gave recommendations on how to configure some related log file parameters that can interact badly with this feature. For example, I noticed that if log_rotation_size was set to a value, it could split the CSV lines in two; the result was two CVS files you couldn't import because of the partial lines in each. Since the rotation size feature causes other issues anyway that make importing more complicated, documenting the issue seemed sufficient.

What are the other issues? I'm not happy about producing files with split lines.



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