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Greg Smith wrote:
> The attached patch fixes all the issues I found in the original version of 
> this code and completes the review I wanted to do.  Someone else will need 
> to take this from here.  As I already mentioned, I can't comment on the 
> quality of the piping implementation used to add this feature other than 
> to say it worked for me.
> Here is a sample line generated by the current code that illustrates most 
> of what I adjusted:
> 2007-05-28 13:45:14.028 
> EDT,"postgres","pgbench",465b1519.5f3d,laptop:32783,24381,17,idle,2007-05-28 
> 13:44:57 EDT,60337,LOG,,"statement: select * from branches;"
> In addition to cleanup and bug fixes, notable changes made from the 
> original version include:
> -Changed connection information to standard host:port syntax
> -Added a per process line number to allow a unique index.  The code that 
> supports that in the current logs is very local to log_line_prefix. 
> Rather than try to share that information like is done for the timestamp, 
> it seemed easier to just duplicate those few lines of code for the CSV 
> output path.  This could cause the CVS logs to have different values for 
> the line number of a statement than the text format ones.  I didn't feel 
> that was a problem serious enough to justify the code refactoring that 
> would be required to assure the line numbers were identical.
> -Added a new documentation section to the logging chapter devoted just to 
> the csvlog feature.  It gives a sample table and import syntax.  I also 
> gave recommendations on how to configure some related log file parameters 
> that can interact badly with this feature.  For example, I noticed that if 
> log_rotation_size was set to a value, it could split the CSV lines in two; 
> the result was two CVS files you couldn't import because of the partial 
> lines in each.  Since the rotation size feature causes other issues anyway 
> that make importing more complicated, documenting the issue seemed 
> sufficient.
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