On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Sergey V. Karpov wrote:
Built-in regex engine seems to not support the one feature critical to
the dict_regex operation - it is not able to report the "partial match"
in a case when the matching fails solely due to premature end of input
string (i.e. when matching may possibly succeed after adding some data
to the string).

If it is possible to achieve this behaviour with built-in engine, please
point me to the right direction.

Adding new code at this stage of the process is bad enough. Adding new code which adds a library dependency we have not previously had at this stage of the process is quite unacceptable IMNSHO, and I will protest very loudly about it. Quite apart from anything else it will almost certainly break many buildfarm members.

good point.

Are we in beta or not? To me, beta means nothing but bug fixes go in, period. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no exceptions. And that should definitely go for contrib as well. We need a bit of self-discipline around here.

the original intention was to have text search companion with code examples
for dictionaries and parser API and ability to keep them in workable
condition, instead of having them in SGML documentation.
Of course, buildfarm checking is very important for this purpose and I think we should remove dict_regex from ts_pack, but leave README.dict_regex, so interested users could find it.



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