[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Sergey V. Karpov) writes:
> I've prepared reduced and renamed version of the examples. It may be
> downloaded at 
> http://lynx.sao.ru/~karpov/tmp/ts_examples.tar.gz

>  - dict_xsyn now uses the same code to locate its config as built-in
>    dictionaries, and can't access files outside
>    $(prefix)/share/tsearch_data/.

Good, did you also fix it to do encoding conversion while reading the file?

> It still has a complicated source tree with subfolders for each
> example. Have I to break it into three separate contrib modules? Or
> combine into one with three build targets (this will break MSVC build)?

I think the consensus is for one module per top-level contrib directory.

                        regards, tom lane

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