Bruce Momjian wrote:
I spent time reviewing your patch --- quite impressive. I have attached
and updated version with mostly stylistic changes.

In testing I found the regression tests were failing because of a divide
by zero error (fixed), and a missing case where the column delimiter has
to be ":".  In fact I now see all your line continuation cases using ":"
rather than "!".  It actually looks better --- "!" was too close to "|"
to be easily recognized.  (Did you update your patch to use ":".  I
didn't see "!" in your patch.)
Nice!  I'll merge with my current version.  As you note I changed to ":".

I also found that for hugely wide output it was better to give up (do nothing), rather than mangle the output in a futile attempt to squash it to the window width. So there is one more clause in the wrapping if.

I have tested on several unix flavors, but not on Windows or cygwin.


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