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> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> I checked the use of COLUMNS and it seems bash updates the environment
>> variable when a window is resized.  I added ioctl(TIOCGWINSZ) if COLUMNS
>> isn't set.  We already had a call in print.c for detecting the
>> number of rows on the screen to determine if the pager should
>> be used.  Seems COLUMNS should take precedence over ioctl(), right?
> Considering that the code to determine the row count is undisputed so far, 
> the 
> column count detection should work the same.  That is, we might not need to 
> look at COLUMNS at all.  Unless there is a use case for overriding the column 
> count (instead of just turning off the wrapping).

I do that all the time. I normally am running under an emacs terminal so I
don't know what width the ioctl's going to get back but it's unlikely to be
right. In any case I may want to format the output to a width narrower than
the window because I'm going to narrow it.

Also, how would you suggest figuring the width to use for output going to a
file? ioctl is irrelevant in that case, imho it should just default to 80
columns if COLUMNS is unset.

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