Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> I think the messages should not have a newline in the middle.
> Also, I am wondering if in PM_WAIT_BACKUP mode we should accept new
> connections from superusers only.

I spent some thought on that.
You'd need to wait until the user is authenticated before you can determine
if he/she is a superuser and may connect (otherwise I think it would be a
security leak that enables any attacker to find out whether a given user is
a superuser without knowing the password).

By that time the server process is already forked.
I couldn't see a way to check the postmaster state at that point,
so I decided not to try and keep it simple.

If you have any ideas how I could do such a check reasonably,
I'd be happy to try it, because basically I think it would be the
right thing.

Laurenz Albe

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