Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Why not?  It'll fall out of the state again immediately in
>>> PostmasterStateMachine, no, if we do a CancelBackup here?
>> We cannot call CancelBackup there because that's exactly the state
>> in which a smart shutdown waits for a superuser to issue pg_stop_backup().
> Er, I was complaining about the fast-shutdown code path, not the
> smart-shutdown one.

Yes, I got that.
So you suggest that a fast shutdown *first* calls CancelBackup and
then goes into WAIT_BACKUP state, right?

That should work, but isn't it better if backup_label is removed
only if we know we're going to shutdown cleanly?

I think the patch in
should meet your justified complaints, by calling CancelBackup immediately
before PostmasterExit(0) in PostmasterStateMachine.

Laurenz Albe

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