Greg Smith wrote:
On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Kevin Grittner wrote:

In our scripts we handle this by copying to a temp directory on the
same mount point as the archive directory and doing a mv to the
archive location when the copy is successfully completed. I think
that this even works on Windows. Could that just be documented as a
strong recommendation for the archive script?

This is exactly what I always do. I think the way cp is shown in the examples promotes what's really a bad practice for lots of reasons, this particular problem being just one of them.

I've been working on an improved archive_command shell script that I expect to submit for comments and potential inclusion in the documentation as a better base for other people to build on. This is one of the options for how it can operate. It would be painful but not impossible to convert a subset of that script to run under Windows as well, at least enough to cover this particular issue.

A Perl script using the (standard) File::Copy module along with the builtin function rename() should be moderately portable. It would to be nice not to have to maintain two scripts.



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