Simon Riggs wrote:
Well, this is a strange conclusion, leaving me slightly bemused.

The discussion between Andrew and I at PGcon concluded that we would
* document which other tools to use
* remove the delay

Now we have rejected the patch which does that, but then re-requested
the exact same thing again.

The patch interprets "remove the delay" as "remove the delay in a way
which will not screw up existing users of pg_standby when they upgrade".
Doing that requires us to have a configurable delay, which defaults to
the current behaviour, but that can be set to zero (the recommended
way). Which is what the patch implements.

Andrew, Heikki: ISTM its time to just make the changes yourselves. This
is just going round and round to no benefit. This doesn't warrant such a
long discussion and review process.

You ought to know by now that the length and ferocity of the discussion bears no relation at all to the importance of the subject ;-)

Personally, I think it's reasonable to provide the delay as long as it's switchable, although I would have preferred zero to be the default. If we remove it altogether then we force bigger changes on people who are currently using Windows copy. But I can live with that since changing their archive_command is the better path by far anyway, either to use Gnu cp or the copy / rename trick.



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