> I think I did indeed speak too soon, as the criticism is a fair one:
> nowhere in the installation instructions or the "getting started"
> docs does it say that you really ought to do some tuning once you
> have the system installed.  Can I suggest for the time being that
> something along these lines should go in 14.6.3, "Tuning the
> installation":
> ---snip---
> By default, PostgreSQL is configured to run on minimal hardware.  As
> a result, some tuning of your installation will be necessary before
> using it for anything other than extremely small databases.  At the
> very least, it will probably be necessary to increase your shared
> buffers setting.  See Chapter 16 for details on what tuning options
> are available to you.
> ---snip---

I think we actually need much more than this.  Kaarel on the Advocacy list has 
volunteered to try to extend our "getting started" section to encompass some 
basic tuning stuff.  Of course, more people would be better.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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