>>>>> "JB" == Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

JB> Hmmm ... both, I think.   The Install Docs should have:

JB> "Here are the top # things you will want to adjust in your PostgreSQL.conf:
JB> 1) Shared_buffers <link>
JB> 2) Sort_mem <link>
JB> 3) effective_cache_size <link>
JB> 4) random_page_cost <link>
JB> 5) Fsync <link>
JB> etc."


max_fsm_relations (perhaps it is ok with current default)

I don't think you really want to diddle with fsync in the name of
speed at the cost of safety.

and possibly:

checkpoint_segments (if you do a lot of writes to the DB for extended
                    durations of time)  With 7.4 it warns you in the
                    logs if you should increase this.

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