> Yes, I think that is a good idea --- now, does it go in the install
> docs, or in the docs next to each GUC item?

Hmmm ... both, I think.   The Install Docs should have:

"Here are the top # things you will want to adjust in your PostgreSQL.conf:
1) Shared_buffers <link>
2) Sort_mem <link>
3) effective_cache_size <link>
4) random_page_cost <link>
5) Fsync <link>

Then next to each of these items in the Docs, I add 1-2 sentences about how to 
set that item.

Hmmm ... do we have similar instructions for setting connection options and 
pg_hba.conf?  We should have a P telling people they need to do this.

Barring an objection, I'll get to work on this.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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