> Agreed.  Text added to install docs:
>    <para>
>     By default, <productname>PostgreSQL</> is configured to run on minimal
>     hardware.  This allows it to start up with almost any hardware
>     configuration. However, the default configuration is not designed for
>     optimum performance. To achieve optimum performance, several server
>     variables must be adjusted, the two most common being
>     <varname>shared_buffers</varname> and <varname> sort_mem</varname>
>     mentioned in <![%standalone-include[the documentation]]>
>     <![%standalone-ignore[<xref
> linkend="runtime-config-resource-memory">]]>. Other parameters in
> <![%standalone-include[the documentation]]> <![%standalone-ignore[<xref
> linkend="runtime-config-resource">]]> also affect performance.
>    </para>

What would you think of adding a condensed version of my and Shridhar's guide 
to the install docs?  I think I can offer a 3-paragraph version which would 
cover the major points of setting PostgreSQL.conf.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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