On 21 Jul 2003 at 10:31, Alexander Priem wrote:
> What I am thinking about is buying a server with the following specifications:
> * 1 or 2 Intel Xeon processors (2.4 GHz).
> * 2 Gigabytes of RAM (DDR/ECC).
> * Three 36Gb SCSI160 disks (10.000rpm) in a RAID-5 config, giving 72Gb storage 
> space (right?). The RAID-5 controller has a(hardware) cache of 128Mb.
> * 100Mbit ethernet.
> I will run RedHat Linux 9 (kernel 2.40) with PostgreSQL 7.3.3 on this server.

You might scale down a little on hardware front if required. Of course, if you 
can get it, get it.

> What would you think of this hardware config? Would it do? Of would 4Gb RAM be 
> a lot better? What do you think about the need for two Xeon procs?

I would say get an SMP board with one processor in it. If requierd you can 
upgrade. I suppose that would make hefty difference in price.

> shared_buffers = 6000(kernel.shmmax = 60000000)
> sort_mem = 4096
> max_connections = 150
> vacuum_mem = 65536

noatime for data partition
A good filesystem.
WAL on separate drive.

Now that is a good start..


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