Hi Alexander ,

On 21 Jul 2003 at 11:23, Alexander Priem wrote:
> So the memory settings I specified are pretty much OK?

As of now yes, You need to test with these settings and make sure that they 
perform as per your requirement. That tweaking will always be there...

> What would be good guidelines for setting effective_cache_size, noatime ?

I suggest you look at 

That should help you.

> I use ext3 filesystem, which probably is not the best performer, is it?

No. You also need to check ext2, reiser and XFS. There is no agreement between 
users as in what works best. You need to benchmark and decide.

> I will set the WAL on a separate drive. What do I need to change in the conf
> files to achive this?

No. You need to shutdown postgresql server process and symlink WAL and clog 
directories in postgresql database cluster to another place. That should do it.



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