Try the pg_autovacuum daemon in CVS contrib dir.  It works fine with 7.3.


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> I've been trying to search through the archives, but it hasn't been
> successful.
> We recently upgraded from pg7.0.2 to 7.3.4 and things were happy. I'm
> trying to fine tune things to get it running a bit better and I'm trying
> to figure out how vacuum output correlates to tuning parameters.
> Here's the msot recent vacuum for the "active" table.  It gets a few
> hundred updates/inserts a minute constantly throughout the day.
> INFO:  Pages 27781: Changed 0, Empty 0; Tup 2451648: Vac 0, Keep 0, UnUsed
> 1003361.
>         Total CPU 2.18s/0.61u sec elapsed 2.78 sec.
> I see unused is quite high. This morning I bumped max_fsm_pages to 500000.
> If I'm thinking right you want unused and max_fsm to be closish, right?
> (Yesterday it was down around.. oh.. 600k?)
> I'm thinking vacuum full's may be in order. Which stinks because I was
> hoping to do away with the db essentially down for 10 minutes (includes
> all the db's on that machine) while it vacuum'd.
> The upside is: it is performing great.  During the vacuum analyze I do get
> a few multi-second pauses while something occurs. I figured it was a
> checkpoint, so I bumped checkpoint_timeout to 30 seconds and wal_buffers
> to 128. (I'm just guessing on wal_buffers).
> Machine is weenucks 2.2.17 on a dual p3 800, 2gb ram, 18gb drive
> If you guys need other info (shared_buffers, etc) I'll be happy to funish
> them. but the issue isn't query slowness.. just want to get this thing
> oiled).
> thanks
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