On 5 Aug 2003 at 9:18, Jeff wrote:
> As for the pg_dumping of it. I suppose it would work on this table as it
> is only a couple million rows and not terribly big data-wise.  The other
> tables in this db are rather big and a load is not fast. (It is about
> 8GB).

You need to dump only those table which has unusualy high unused stats. If that 
is a small table, dump/reload it would be far faster than vacuum.. For others 
vacuum analyse should do..

> > You mean linux? I guess you need a kernel revision for a long time. How about
> > 2.4.21?
> >
> Yeah, linux. We're planning on upgrading when we relocate datacenters at
> the end of August.  This machine has actually been up for 486 days (We're
> hoping to reach linux's uptime wraparound of 496 days :) and the only
> reason it went down then was because the power supply failed.  (That can
> be read: pg7.0.2 had over a year of uptime. lets hope 7.3 works as good :)

Good to know that. AFAIK, the 496 wraparound is fixed in 2.6. So that won't be 
a complaint any longer..


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