On 21 Aug 2003 at 16:51, Tomka Gergely wrote:

> One of my friend do these tests. We think about the best filesystem for
> the Linux/Postgres systems.
> The four test was:
> teszt1 - 10.000 inserts
> teszt2 - 10.inserts, 10 in one trans.
> teszt3 - 14.000.000 inserts, 1.000 in one trans.
> teszt4 - "Select count(*)" on the big table.
> What test are interesting? Plese give us tips and ideas. The guy has time
> for other test.

- Try creating table without OIDs  and repeat runs
- Try changing number of inserts per transactions.

I tried similar test on my home machine last week. It gave me 500K records in 
about 54 seconds on 7.3.3. That translates to roughly 3 minutes for 1.4M 
records. You sure something isn't right here?

What is the hardware? Can you try it with 7.4CVS?


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