Tomka Gergely wrote:
2003-08-21 ragyogó napján Bill Moran ezt üzente:

Tomka Gergely wrote:

One of my friend do these tests. We think about the best filesystem for
the Linux/Postgres systems.

The four test was:

teszt1 - 10.000 inserts
teszt2 - 10.inserts, 10 in one trans.
teszt3 - 14.000.000 inserts, 1.000 in one trans.
teszt4 - "Select count(*)" on the big table.

What test are interesting? Plese give us tips and ideas. The guy has time
for other test.

It's a shame you didn't test ufs+softupdates. I'd be curious to see how it stacked up against the others.

Shame? I smell here a harcore BSD fighter :)

Well, I suppose ...

Maybe sometime he run
tests on *SD, but now we need linux data.

"He" has had it on his list of things to do for months.

And if I ever get enough free moments, I will test *both* BSD and Linux,
because I'm terribly biased towards BSD because that's all I use.
In addition to being interested in how FreeBSD's ufs+softupdates compares
to the variety of Linux journalling filesystems, I'm also interested to
compare FreeBSD's performance on ext2fs and FAT to Linux's peformance on
those same filesystems.

It's a "shame" because I simply haven't found the time yet.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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