Paul Thomas wrote:

On 22/08/2003 22:00 Bill Moran wrote:

[snip] Well, as much as I _am_ a die-hard BSD geek, I'm far more interested in
knowing what platform is really best when I need a top-notch PostgreSQL

I'm going to try to force some time this weekend to do some tests ...
we'll see if I succeed ...

I, for one, would be very interested to see your results (can't you find something better to at the weekend than **** about with computers ?:)

Unfortunately, no. I've been trying to get a date for a month and I'm about ready to give up ;)

What I'd really be interested in is a comparison of Linux vs BSD using each OS's variations of file system on the same single-processor Intel/AMD based hardware.

That was what I was hoping to do.

Selfishness and sillyness aside, I'm sure your tests will of interest to us all. Thanks in advance

Oh great, now I feel obligated ... well, I guess I'd better get started.

I'll post the results for as far as I get late sometime Sunday.  I can't
promise they'll be complete at that point, but we'll see what happens.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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