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Subject: Re: [PERFORM] go for a script! / ex: PostgreSQL vs. MySQL

>>>>> "JB" == Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

JB> Vivek,
NB> shared_buffers = 1/16th of total memory
NB> effective_cache_size = 80% of the supposed kernel cache.
>> Please take into account the blocksize compiled into PG, too...

JB> We can;t change the blocksize in a script that only does the .conf
JB> file.  Or are you suggesting something else?

when you compute optimal shared buffers and effective cache size,
these are in terms of blocksize.  so if I have 16k block size, you
can't compute based on default 8k blocksize.  at worst, it would have
to be a parameter you pass to the tuning script.

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