Hi Josh, Tom,

OK. As I understand it, vacuum does not release the space
used by the index file.
However, it should be able to reuse the space for indexing.

I have observed that during initial updates of the table,
the index file did not grow and was steady but it did not last long
and keeps growing afterwards. Vacuum/vacuum analyze did not help.

In all the update testing, vacuum analyze was done every 1 minute.

Tom, something caught your attention the last time.

Any insight so far ? Is it a bug ?



Tom Lane wrote:

Seum-Lim Gan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 vacuum verbose analyze dsperf_rda_or_key;
 INFO:  vacuuming "scncraft.dsperf_rda_or_key"
 INFO:  index "dsperf242_1105" now contains 300000 row versions in 12387 pages
 DETAIL:  3097702 index row versions were removed.
 0 index pages have been deleted, 0 are currently reusable.

Hm, interesting that you deleted 90% of the entries and still had no empty index pages at all. What was the pattern of your deletes and/or updates with respect to this index's key?

However, when I check the disk space usage, it has not changed.

It won't in any case. Plain VACUUM is designed for maintaining a steady-state level of free space in tables and indexes, not for returning major amounts of space to the OS. For that you need more-invasive operations like VACUUM FULL or REINDEX.

regards, tom lane

At 12:04 pm -0700 2003/10/19, Josh Berkus wrote:

 Oh, so in order to reclaim the disk space, we must run
 reindex or vacuum full ?
 This will lock out the table and we won't be able to do anything.
 Looks like this is a problem. It means we cannot use it for
 24x7 operations without having to stop the process and do the vacuum full
 and reindex. Is there anything down the road that these operations
 will not lock out the table ?

I doubt it; the amount of page-shuffling required to reclaim 90% of the space in an index for a table that has been mostly cleared is substantial, and would prevent concurrent access.

Also, you seem to have set up an impossible situation for VACUUM.   If I'm
reading your statistics right, you have a large number of threads accessing
most of the data 100% of the time, preventing VACUUM from cleaning up the
pages.    This is not, in my experience, a realistic test case ... there are
peak and idle periods for all databases, even webservers that have been

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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