Robert Treat wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 11:27, Will LaShell wrote:
> > > Also, I cannot find any list of packages included in Enterprise Linux
> > 2.1 /
> > > 3. Does anyone know if PostgreSQL is included and if so, what version?
> > 
> > You have two options as I understand it for PG under RHEL. You can
> > install the PG source from Postgres themselves, or you can use the
> > Postgresql Red Hat Edition. Bruce I think can give you more information
> > on this product.  This is the
> > link to it.
> > 
> Bruce works for SRA, not Red Hat, so he's probably not your best option
> to talk to on PRHE... While there are Red Hat employees floating around
> these lists, I'd first suggest reading over the website and then either
> emailing the PRHE lists or one of it's team members depending on the
> specifics of any questions.

Way off topic, but let's do Red Hat a favor for employing PostgreSQL
folks --- here is a nice URL I read yesterday on the topic:

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