On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 01:40, Alexander Priem wrote:
> Hi guys,
> This basically continues the other thread about the PERC4 RAID controller,
> but since it is a bit off-topic I thought to start another thread. Thanks
> for all your help so far   :)
> Earlier today I read about the newly released RedHat Enterprise Linux ES
> version 3. This version should include out-of-the-box megaraid_2 drivers, so
> it would support the Dell PERC4/Di RAID controller.
> However, it is very much more expensive than RedHat Linux 9. RH Linux 9 is
> free and the Enterpise ES edition will cost between 400 and several 1.000's
> of dollars, depending on the support you want to go with it.
> Do any of you guys have experience with the previous version of Enterprise
> Linux (that would be version 2.1) or even better, are any of you already
> using version 3?
> Would you recommend this over RedHat Linux 9? I think that with RH Linux 9
> it would be easier to get all the latest versions of components I need (RPMs
> for PostgreSQL, Apache, Samba etc.), while my guess would be that Enterprise
> Linux would be more difficult to upgrade...

The reason to get RHEL over RH9 or the upcoming Fedora releases is for
stability.  They have a -much- longer stability period, release cycle,
and support lifetime.  You get RHEL if you want a distribution that you
can get commercial support for, install the server and then not touch
it. For production machines of this nature you'll pretty much never have
the latest and greatest packages. Instead you'll have the most
completely stable packages. The two distribution types are really apples
and oranges.  They are both fruit  ( they are both linux distros ) but
they sure taste different.

> Also, I cannot find any list of packages included in Enterprise Linux 2.1 /
> 3. Does anyone know if PostgreSQL is included and if so, what version?

You have two options as I understand it for PG under RHEL. You can
install the PG source from Postgres themselves, or you can use the
Postgresql Red Hat Edition. Bruce I think can give you more information
on this product. http://sources.redhat.com/rhdb/index.html  This is the
link to it.

> Kind regards,
> Alexander Priem.

Hope this helps,


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