That did not take long... about 13 minutes to reload the tables from an *.mdb 
file, and a second or two for each of the 'alter table foo add foreign 
key...' lines.  I tried to drop a 'referencing' table, and the database would 
not let me, said that something depended on it ;o)

Is there some way to name the foreign key so that it can be dropped later, or 
is there a way to drop the foreign key using information already in the 


On Tuesday 28 October 2003 13:34, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> John K. Herreshoff wrote:
> > FWIW:  I'm fiddling with that right now, and the FK think was quick...  a
> > few seconds...  the tables in question have 1400 records, 343000 records
> > and 7200 records...  I'm running Beta5...
> Did those tables have analyze statistics?  Can you try it without
> statistics (I think you have to drop the tables to erase the
> statistics).

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