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Christopher Kings-Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> >>Just loaded up delicious 7.4b5 and wow...
> >>
> >>sort_mem 8192:  137038ms [lots of tmp file activity]
> >>sort_mem 256000: 83109ms
> > 

> 1. A full ANALYZE
> 2. A delete all from pg_statistic
I had previously analyze'd before I ran those numbers.
But I did it again with and without stats. 

Run 1 Time: 80157.21 ms
Run 2 Time: 80763.59 ms

Killed statistics:

Time: 80571.71 ms
Time: 80759.18 ms

Chances are it is going to seq scan regardless so the stats are rather
useless.  Perhaps in other scenarios it would help.


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