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J> And this leads to the place we'd get a huge benefit: Restoring
J> backups.. If there were some way to bump up sort_mem while doing
J> the restore.. things would be much more pleasant. [Although, even

There was a rather substantial thread on this about the time when
7.4b1 was released.

J> better would be to disable FK stuff while restoring a backup and
J> assume the backup is "sane"] How we'd go about doing that is the
J> subject of much debate.

If you're restoring from a pg_dump -Fc (compressed dump) it already
happens for you.  The indexes and foreign keys are not added until the
very end, from what I recall.

J> Perhaps add the functionality to pg_restore? ie, pg_restore -s
J> 256MB mybackup.db?  It would just end up issuing a set
J> sort_mem=256000..

This was essentially my proposal, though I had better speed
enhancement by increasing the number of checkpoint buffers.

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