>>>>> "MTO" == Matthew T O'Connor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Then it just sits there.  I started it at 11:35am, and it is now
>> 3:30pm.

MTO> Weird.... Alphabetically speaking, is vkmlm."public"."user_list" be the
MTO> last table in the last schema in the last database?  You are running

conveniently, yes it is...

MTO> with -d4, so you would get a message about going to sleep shortly after
MTO> dealing with the last table, but you didn't get the sleep message, so I
MTO> don't think the problem is that pg_autovacuum is sleeping for an
MTO> inordinate amount time.

The only sleep logged was

[2003-12-03 04:47:13 PM] 1 All DBs checked in: 84996853 usec, will sleep for 469 secs.

Here's all it did on yesterday afternoon's "hour of work":

[2003-12-03 04:45:48 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."url_track"
[2003-12-03 04:46:27 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."msg_recipients"
[2003-12-03 04:46:55 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."deliveries"
[2003-12-03 04:46:55 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."user_list"
[2003-12-03 04:47:12 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."sessions"
[2003-12-03 04:55:02 PM] Performing: ANALYZE "public"."url_track"
[2003-12-03 04:55:22 PM] Performing: VACUUM ANALYZE "public"."msg_recipients"
[2003-12-03 05:40:11 PM] Performing: VACUUM ANALYZE "public"."user_list"

then 18 minutes later, it reported:

[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM] select relfilenode,reltuples,relpages from pg_class where 
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]   table name:     vkmlm."public"."user_list"
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]      relfilenode: 18588202;   relisshared: 0
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]      reltuples: 9;  relpages: 427920
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]      curr_analyze_count:  2559236; cur_delete_count:   2475824
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]      ins_at_last_analyze: 2559236; del_at_last_vacuum: 2475824
[2003-12-03 05:58:25 PM]      insert_threshold:    509; delete_threshold    1001

and stopped doing anything.

MTO> when you kill it, do you get a core file?  Could you do a backtrace and
MTO> see where pg_autovacuum is hung up?

nope.  unfortunately my PG libs are without debugging, too.  I'll
rebuild pg_autovacuum with debugging and run it under gdb so I can see
where it gets stuck.

I'll report back when I find something.  I just wanted to check first
if anyone else ran into this.

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