Christopher Browne wrote:

The world rejoiced as [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Gaetano Mendola) wrote:

I think is a good Idea put a fflush after:

fprintf(LOGOUTPUT, "[%s] %s\n", timebuffer, logentry);

I thought I had put fflush()es at all the interesting locations...

I just looked through the code, I think there are fflush()es at all but one interesting locations. The last log_entry call before sleeping doesn't have an fflush call after it. I'll submit a patch that adds it.

Apparently it was an error to not go to the effort of making sure it
worked well on FreeBSD. (It was on my list, but I never got the Round
Tuits...) There's an AMD-64 box coming in soon, targeted at FreeBSD,
so that should change...

Yeah, FreeBSD testing would have been nice, but I don't have access to any FreeBSD boxes so.....

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