>>>>> "MTO" == Matthew T O'Connor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I'm running Postgres 7.4 release on FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE.

MTO> I don't run FreeBSD, so I haven't tested with FreeBSD.  Recently Craig
MTO> Boston reported and submitted a patch for a crash on FreeBSD, but that
MTO> doesn't sound like your problem.  Could be some other type of platform
MTO> dependent problem. 

Oh lucky me.

I think I found it.  I compiled with -g -O and ran it under gdb, so
the output is line buffered.  The last thing it prints out now is

[2003-12-04 02:11:17 PM] 3 All DBs checked in: -786419782 usec, will sleep for -1272 

since sleep() takes an unsigned int as its parameter, we are actually
sleeping for 4294966024 seconds == 136 years.

I recall reading about the negative time to test the dbs
somewhere... I guess I'll get on debugging that.  The time keeper in
this box is pretty darned accurate otherwise (using ntpd).

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