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MTO> I don't run FreeBSD, so I haven't tested with FreeBSD.  Recently Craig
MTO> Boston reported and submitted a patch for a crash on FreeBSD, but that

some more debugging data:

(gdb) print now
$2 = {tv_sec = 1070565077, tv_usec = 216477}
(gdb) print then
$3 = {tv_sec = 1070561568, tv_usec = 668963}
(gdb) print diff
$4 = -5459981371352
(gdb) print sleep_secs
$5 = -1272

so for some reason, instead of calculating 3508547514 as the diff, it
got a hugely negative number.

I'll bet it has something to do with the compiler...  more debugging
to follow (without -O compilation...)

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