On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Josh Berkus wrote:

> Matt, Stalin,
> > As for the compute intensive side (complex joins & sorts etc), the Dell will 
> most likely beat the Sun by some distance, although
> > what the Sun lacks in CPU power it may make up a bit in memory bandwidth/
> latency.
> Personally, I've been unimpressed by Dell/Xeon; I think the Sun might do 
> better than you think, comparitively.    On all the Dell servers I've used so 
> far, I've not seen performance that comes even close to the hardware specs.

We use a 2600 at work (dual 2.8GHz) with the LSI/Megaraid based battery 
backed caching controller, and it flies.  Truly flies.

It's not Dell that's so slow, it's the default adaptec RAID controller or 
IDE drives that are slow.  Ours has 533 MHz memory bus, by the way.

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