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SS> We are looking into Sun V210 (2 x 1 GHz cpu, 2 gig ram, 5.8Os)
SS> vs. Dell 1750 (2 x 2.4 GHz xeon, 2 gig ram, RH3.0). database will
SS> mostly be write intensive and disks will be on raid 10. Wondering
SS> if 64bit 1 GHz to 32bit 2.4 GHz make a big difference here.

Spend all your money speeding up your disk system.  If you're mostly
writing (like my main app) then that's your bottleneck.  I use a dell
2650 with external RAID 5 on 14 spindles.  I didn't need that much
disk space, but went for  maxing out the number of spindles.  RAID 5
was faster than RAID10 or RAID50 with this configuration for me.

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