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> is way down the priority list compared with IO throughput, stability,
> manageability, support, etc etc.

Indeed, if our Suns actually diabled the broken hardware when they
died, fell over, and rebooted themselves, I'd certainly praise them
to heaven.  But I have to say that the really very good reporting of
failing memory has saved me some headaches.  

> environment, I'd take the Sun every day of the week, assuming that those
> compile option changes have sorted out the oddly slow PG performance at
> last.

I seem to have hit a bad batch of Dell hardware recently, which makes
me second this opinion.

I should say, also, that my initial experience of AIX has been
extremely good.  I can't comment on the fun it might involve in the
long haul, of course.


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This work was visionary and imaginative, and goes to show that visionary
and imaginative work need not end up well. 
                --Dennis Ritchie

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