Subbiah, Stalin wrote:
As anyone done performance benchmark testing with solaris sparc/intel linux.
I once read a post here, which had benchmarking test results for using
different filesystem like xfs, ext3, ext2, ufs etc. i couldn't find that
link anymore and google is failing on me, so anyone have the link handy.

If you're talking about the work I did, it's here: (then follow the link)

Anyway, that should be easily portable to any platform that will run Postgres,
but I don't know how useful it is in comparing two different platforms.  See
the information in the document.  It was intended only to test disk access speed,
and attempts to flood the HDD system with database work to do.


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Matt, Stalin,

As for the compute intensive side (complex joins & sorts etc), the Dell

will most likely beat the Sun by some distance, although

what the Sun lacks in CPU power it may make up a bit in memory bandwidth/


Personally, I've been unimpressed by Dell/Xeon; I think the Sun might do better than you think, comparitively. On all the Dell servers I've used
so far, I've not seen performance that comes even close to the hardware specs.

Bill Moran
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