Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So in the short term I think we have to tell people that Xeon MP is not
> the most desirable SMP platform to run Postgres on.  (Josh thinks that
> the specific motherboard chipset being used in these machines might
> share some of the blame too.  I don't have any evidence for or against
> that idea, but it's certainly possible.)
> In the long run, however, CPUs continue to get faster than main memory
> and the price of cache contention will continue to rise.  So it seems
> that we need to give up the assumption that SpinLockAcquire is a cheap
> operation.  In the presence of heavy contention it won't be.

There's nothing about the way Postgres spinlocks are coded that affects this?

Is it something the kernel could help with? I've been wondering whether
there's any benefits postgres is missing out on by using its own hand-rolled
locking instead of using the pthreads infrastructure that the kernel is often
involved in.


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