Ok, so maybe someone on this group will have a better idea.  We have a
database of financial information, and this has literally millions of
entries.  I have installed indicies, but for the rather computationally
demanding processes we like to use, like a select query to find the
commodity with the highest monthly or annual returns, the computer generally
runs unacceptably slow.  So, other than clustring, how could I achieve a
speed increase in these complex queries?  Is this better in mysql or

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> Bill,
> >   Any ideas of how I can cluster my database (around 800 GB
> > in size so even partial replication is not really practical)?
> Um, raise $150,000 to pay for a clustering implementation?
> Various techniques of "shared memory clustering" have been tried with
> PostgreSQL, and none work.    Neither does LinuxLabs "ClusGres", which is
> based on similar principles -- unfortunately. (at least, LL repeatedly
> postponed the demo they said they'd give me.  I've yet to see anything
> working ...)
> Frankly, we're waiting for a well-funded corporation to jump in and decide
> they want PostgreSQL clustering.   Database server clustering is a "big
> ticket item" requiring roughly 1,000 hours of programming and
> troubleshooting.   As such, you're not likely to see it come out of the
> community unaided.
> Oh, and FYI, MySQL's "clustering" doesn't work either.  It requires your
> entire database to fit into available RAM ....
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