> Ok, so maybe someone on this group will have a better idea.  We have a
> database of financial information, and this has literally millions of
> entries.  I have installed indicies, but for the rather computationally
> demanding processes we like to use, like a select query to find the
> commodity with the highest monthly or annual returns, the computer
> generally runs unacceptably slow.  So, other than clustring, how could I
> achieve a speed increase in these complex queries?  

Well, you can do this 2 ways:
1) you can pick out one query at a time, and send us complete information on 
it, like Matt's really nice e-mail describes.     People on this list will 
help you troubleshoot it.   It will take a lot of time, but no money.

2) You can hire a PG database expert.    This will be much faster, but cost 
you a lot of money.

>Is this better in mysql
> or postgresql?

Complex queries?   Large databases?   That's us.   MySQL is obtimized for 
simple queries on small databases.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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