On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 11:35:38AM -0700, Ron St-Pierre wrote:
> We're doing it in multiple transactions within the function. Could we do 
> something like this?:
> ....
>  FOR rec IN SELECT field01, field02, ... FROM otherTable LOOP 
>  UPDATE dataTable SET field01=rec.field01, field02=rec.field02, 
>  rec.field03=field03, ...
>    WHERE id = rec.id;
> ....
> If we can do it this way, are there any other gotcha's we should be 
> aware of?

AFAIK you should be able to do this, yes (although I have no experience with
PL/SQL); I'm not sure how much it buys you, but you might want to test it, at

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