I found bulk-insert to perform very slow, when compared to MySQL / Oracle. All inserts 
were done in 1 transaction. However, mitigating factors here were:
- Application was a .Net application using ODBC drivers
- PostgreSQL 7.3 running on CYGWIN with cygipc daemon
- Probably very bad tuning in the config file, if any tuning done at all
- The application was issuing 'generic' SQL since it was generally used with Oracle 
and MySQL databases. So no tricks like using COPY or multiple rows with 1 INSERT 
statement. No stored procedures either.
- When doing queries, most of the time the results were comparable to or better than 
MySQL (the only other database that I tested with myself).

So what I can say is, that if you want fast INSERT performance from PostgreSQL then 
you'll probably have to do some trickery that you wouldn't have to do with a default 
MySQL installation.



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Hi, Mischa,

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Mischa Sandberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On the other hand, if you do warehouse-style loading (Insert, or PG 
> COPY, into a temp table; and then 'upsert' into the perm table), I can 
> guarantee 2500 inserts/sec is no problem.

As we can forsee that we'll have similar insert rates to cope with in
the not-so-far future, what do you mean with 'upsert'? Do you mean a
stored procedure that iterates over the temp table?

Generally, what is the fastest way for doing bulk processing of 
update-if-primary-key-matches-and-insert-otherwise operations?

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