Christopher Browne wrote:
In the last exciting episode, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Joe Conway) wrote:
That's exactly what we're doing, but using inherited tables instead of
a union view. With inheritance, there is no need to rebuild the view
each time a table is added or removed. Basically, in our application,
tables are partitioned by either month or week, depending on the type
of data involved, and queries are normally date qualified.

Where does the constraint come in that'll allow most of the data to be

Not sure I follow this.

Or is this just that the entries are all part of "bigtable" so that
the self join is only 2-way?

We don't have a need for self-joins in our application. We do use a crosstab function to materialize some transposed views of the data, however. That allows us to avoid self-joins in the cases where we might otherwise need them.


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